Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The nomadic Hayden tribe is sitting still... for now.

So we've just arrived in Benicia, CA after a full month on the road, October 17th to November 17th. We drove through Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California. All but 4 of the states on the left side of the map! A lot of experiences... do I want to backtrack to storytell? Maybe later. ;-) At this point we're getting ready to tear out Matt's parent's kitchen to completely renovate it, and then add a room or two, reno two bathrooms, install hardwood floors, add a fireplace... geez it'll take a while! California's nice and all but I'm homesick! And I don't know how long I can live in someone's guest room... I told Matt I don't care if we're done or not we're going home in six months. Not that we have a home... haha! It's funny, we're at the STRANGEST place in our lives but I'm so stressfree you wouldn't believe it. When we meet new people they ask, "So where do you live?" and Matt and I look at each other and smile. We're gypsies, with $26 in our checking account and no sort of idea when we're going "home", where home is, and if we'll be pregnant gypsies or not. But darnit, we have health insurance, roadside assistance, and each other. What more could you need really? ;-)

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*Dani* said...

6 Months?!!! Ahhhh!!!!