Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekly spending:

Monday: $0
Tuesday: Wendy's - $3.01, Knitting needles - $22.89
Wednesday: Juice, frappaccino, and water bottle - $3.80
Thursday: $0
Friday: Burger King - $5.21
Saturday: $0
Sunday: Coffee and 2 pastries - $7.50

Total = $42.41

Monday, January 22, 2007

Weekly spending:

Monday: $0
Tuesday: Admission for two to local comedy show and one cup of drip coffee - $11.50
Wednesday: $0
Thursday: Renewed my subscription to This Old House (I LOVE this mag and they offered me two years for $10!!! How could I resist?) - $10
Friday: - The Beautiful Girls CD - $12.10 inc. shipping (I've heard great things about this CD and my curiosity finally caught me, AND the price dropped $3!)
Saturday: $0
Sunday: KFC (bought everyone dinner, except me of course) - $20.23, Taco Bell (my bean burrito) - $1.06

Total = $53.89

Pretty good up until Sunday! And I 100% loved every purchase until then, so I find that very very frugal indeed. The Sunday chicken isn't so bad though, because they've been buying us dinner here and there.

*I should note that Matt spent about $7 on individual cigars, because he's trying to quit smoking and buying smokes individually is much less convenient. Please send your prayers to Matt's smoking cessation! He's cut back, but it's still a work in progress.*

So if you count Matt's cigars, $60.89 - still a fifth of what we spent last week!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This will be the best Summer yet!

Here are some things I want to do this Summer. I'll update this list as more information becomes available and when I think of something else fun to do. I'm still going to actively work on being frugal, especially since we'll probably have a brand new mortgage to pay and cheap activities will be the best kind!

* means MUST DO!

  • Outdoors:

*Picnic at Jetty Island - free

*Kayak with Mom - free

*Watch the sunset - free

Go to every nearby beach - free

Throw a potluck Beach BBQ - $50

Take an easy hike - Usually $5 to park

  • Outdoor shopping:

Farmer's Markets - free

*Fremont Sunday Market - free

Phinney Ridge Community Yard Sale - free

  • Free/ inexpensive shows:

*Folk Life Festival - free admission, $5-10 to park plus food

Fremont Outdoor Movies
- $5/pp

*Puget Park Drive-In - $8/pp

*Music in the Park - free

  • Not frugal but worth it:
*Go for a weekend trip on the train.

**Camp in Vantage (maybe even rent a cabin) - $?

ZooTunes - zoo admission $15

Wild Waves - $30/pp plus parking and food

*Jack Johnson concert (assuming he comes to town) - $40ish/pp

Bumbershoot - $18/ pp (if we buy presale) plus parking, food, etc.

  • Misc:

Ice Skating
(I know, sounds weird, but ice skating on a hot day is so wonderful) - $10 inc. skate rental

  • Sources to search for fun things to do:

Search "Summer Guide 2007" at

If you know of anything else exciting to do let me know!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Weekly spending:

Monday: Zoo - $19
Tuesday: Subway - $13, Taco Time - $11, Water bottle - $.97 (We were on the road, we had to eat!)
Wednesday: Took in-laws to lunch at Applebee's - $57
Thursday: $0 (yes!)
Friday: Burger King - $5.25, Target (wheat kitty litter, birthday cards, toiletries) - $34.20, Home Depot (a great energy saver magazine, potting soil, and a new pot for Albert - Albert is my baby pine tree) - $22.29, Pet Food Express (you guessed it - pet food, 4 bags. Also, a new denim diaper for Tink, since she's about to go into heat and hers vanished, and it was looking pretty sad anyway.) -$56.87
Saturday: Raley's (soap, medicine, Oxypads to send to Nick - puberty is hitting him!) - $21.55, (Literally every birthday card I will need to send in the next year and a half) - $57.95 (this is a huge relief b/c I don't enjoy shopping for cards but I think it's important that people are remembered on their birthday AND it's one of my resolutions to send cards out on time)
Sunday: $0

Total = $299.08! Ow!

Man, I must have a hole in my pocket where all the money flies out! That's okay, I'll patch it and next week I'll be so frugal it'll be amazing. I'm so glad we skipped the week we were back in WA because we were out of control! What is with us right now? Two weeks left to rein in the debit card and try to recover this month.

I think I'm spending loosely (I have that itch to spend much more than what I slipped and spent this week) because I'm unhappy right now. I need to refocus and really think about what's good in my life. I have my wonderful husband, my sweet dog and cat, my dear best friend, my amazing mom, my loveable brother, I have my health and food and shelter, and I have my future, which is going to be so so so much better than this. One of my favorite design teachers always said, "if you're uncomfortable, embrace it because it means you're growing". This is clearly a time of growth and reevaluation. I know we're meant to be here at this time for whatever reason, strange as it all seems. We'll learn this lesson and then we'll be able to begin again, like always, and things will be clear and exciting once again. This is going to be a very powerful year with a lot of change and I know it will end very well. I just need to make myself appreciate the journey for what it is, then the arrival will be so much better. "This too shall pass" and it will all fade into a memory, the good and the bad will blur around the edges and I will be off to bigger and better adventures, to be free of judging eyes and harsh voices. I will not look back.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

YouTube cracks me up...

My visit home

Matt and I drove up to Washington to visit everyone last weekend. We got back to California night before last and I'm already ready to go back home! It was a wonderful time. It's fun visiting your home when you've been away because everyone wants to do something great, not just hang around.
  • We got in to my mom's on Wednesday night
  • Had lunch on Thursday with my grandma, then that night Dani, Jake, and Eli came over to Mom's for amazing veggie lasagna and a round of Settlers of Cataan,
  • I went to the aquarium with Dani and Eli on Friday (while Matt worked) - Oh so much fun! Eli was just amazed. It's wonderful to experience things with a child because everything is so new and so magical!
  • I went to the Olympus Spa with Mom on Saturday (Heavenly relaxing place, and free on your birthday! You have to be nude though! Wasn't as weird as you might think, actually.) while Matt snowboarded, then we played Settlers of Cataan with Dani and Little Sarah that night until 3 in the morning (stupid too-tired giggles and all! We're not the partiers we once were...Which is fine with me.)
  • Hung out with Dad, Nick, and Sherry on Sunday
  • Matt worked and I went to the zoo with Sarah Martin on Monday (There was hardly anyone there and all the animals were so social and relaxed. It was the coolest day at the zoo.)
  • Then we packed it up and drove South on Tuesday. It was crazy foggy in the Siskyous mountain pass which was so spooky but we made it! We arrived in California to find that Kristi had emptied her things out of the closet, dressers, and bookshelf so we could put our things away! It was pretty snug in the guest room before so it was a huge relief to put my shoes in the closet etc., and I'm so very grateful for that.
All this gypsying we've been doing has REALLY driven it home for me that my heart is in Washington and I can't live anywhere else. I've liked all the places we've been (except maybe Kansas City, haha), and I'm sure they're great places to live, but darnit, in April I am COMING HOME to Washington and to all the people I love so much. I don't care if this remodel project is done, I don't care if I have to carry Matt kicking and screaming to the car, I don't care if a tsunami hits, I don't care if Washington catches on fire, in April I am packing up my little family of animals (Matt included, haha) and going back to where I truly live.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Weekly Spending, the Last of 2006!

Monday: $0
Tuesday: Target - (rechargeable batteries and Qtips) - $15.33, - (our portion of the camcorder and an extra battery - thanks, Mom!!!)- $194
Wednesday: Target (kitty litter, new cat box, Sharpies) - $15.62, Raley's (veggies)- $14.51 Raley's again (stuff for oatmeal bars)- $3.68
Thursday: $0
Friday: $0
Saturday: $0
Sunday: Subway - $13.47

Total = $256.61

I think Dani crushed me this week...

Monday, January 1, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

My main focus this year is on growing relationships; living a healthier, fuller life; and squeezing more joy out of every single day.

  2. Take a walk with Matt or work out 5 days a week.
  3. Become a rockin' good healthy cook once again.
  4. Think and speak positively
  5. Consume less!
  6. Actively practice my guitar and knitting
  7. Find more good friends that fit where I'm at in life
  8. Get outdoors once in a while
  9. Remember everyone's birthday and send the card out on time
  10. Do yoga every morning, even just a little bit