Friday, August 22, 2008

Holy Heavens Can I Maybe Brush my Teeth Today?

What a long morning!

So, I've been slowly trying to get back into the groove of working from home again, which can be, ahem, challenging with a colicky baby. I woke up late this morning at 9:00 because I was trying to catch up from a very sleepless night last night (Matt was gone overnight because of this insurance training thing, I can't sleep without him, and apparently neither can Natalie). As soon as I get up Matt texts me to throw together a client invoice. Okay, easy peasy, as soon as I take the dog out to potty, go outside to find her because she ran off again and isn't coming when I call her (meanwhile nursing Natalie), then clean up the "present" Tink left in the bedroom dangerously close to my favorite shoes. Finish the invoice, text Matt, "Done.", he texts back, "K Dan's on his way to pick it up." Dan's one of our employees. On his way? He lives 15 minutes away, maybe I should put on a shirt and, if I'm lucky, a bra. Success! My top half is dressed by the time he arrives (yoga pants are sort of like being dressed...even if I slept in them...right?). I give him the invoice, he tells me Matt said he could pick up his paycheck. Oy, he didn't tell me! Dan's been with us four days, I don't have his W-4 yet, I don't know his withholding rate, I don't know what Matt agreed to pay him, man I don't even know his last name! I print the W-4 for him, throw in a load of laundry while he fills it out, roughly estimate his withholding and scribble out a check. Meanwhile Natalie is oh mama so STARVING! Please feed me now right now aaaaaaaa!!!!! Okay, Dan's figured out and he leaves, I feed my girl, and think, "Lord this payroll thing is something I could do without and that payroll service I talked to before wasn't that expensive." So, baby still latched on, I email my rep that I want to do the month trial. I go dress Natalie, think maybe I'll take a speed shower while waiting for the response email, but Tink has to potty again. I take her out, mother in law calls, says they're coming to stay with us next weekend, Tink wanders off again and I have to go collect her. Phone rings, it's Matt, he says he's sooo tired. We commiserate for a sec, as soon as we hang up my payroll rep calls (I was really banking on doing this via email...), I go back to the computer to fill out forms she's leading me through, Natalie wakes up and explosively poos through her outfit (and my pants), starts wailing, I rush through the last of the forms, rep says she can do the next section for me if I dictate, I change a megapoo while dictating the easy part, grab my diapered but otherwise naked baby and dig out my business checking info, federal EIN, etc. to give to the rep. Finish up, dress Natalie again, Matt calls and ask how much we should pay Dan for driving his own truck to work. Uh, people have to drive to work for free. Sorry. We're paying him well and we're giving him health benefits soon. Matt says well he already told him we'd give him some compensation. "What? No. Just buy the guys lunches when our projects are a long drive."
"Well I already buy them lunch every day."
"What? Baby, that's unnecessary. We're going to go broke being nice bosses."
"Well we need an employee handbook with all our policies."
"Yes, definitely."
"Can you do that today?"
"I'll work on it."

I take a look at my massive to do list that doesn't include any of this, and think screw it I'm going to blog about this (typing while nursing, of course)! So... she's awake again and is sick of sitting here in the office. My teeth are still unbrushed and I should probably eat before the sky falls again. ;-)

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Ann said...

Welcome to Motherhood! :-)
PS. Matt sounds like Justin in the "business department". haha!