Saturday, August 4, 2007

Fashion Designers are Making Me Cry

Okay, I read this article about this Fall's fashion trends, and I'm afraid I simply cannot comply. Leggings? Ankle boots? Bubble skirts? Skinny ankle jeans? SERIOUSLY? I had sincerely hoped we would not be seeing stirrup pants again, either. So... that's given me a bit of a quarter-life crisis. When current trends make you nostalgic, does that mean you've become - gasp - no longer the young, up-to-the-minute hot thing and have crossed the line into shopping in the misses department, among the embroidered sweatshirts and I-don't-give-a-damn-how-this-looks-it's-comfy selections therein? Oh Lord in Heaven what's a girl to do? I'm only 24, and I tend not to be a huge trend chaser, but I noticed an older woman wearing tapered pants outside Rite-Aid today and I looked down at my boot-leg jeans and thought, dammit is she trendier than me? Because a few months ago her pants were laughable. So, that said, I'm moving to a nudist camp tomorrow. I will come back when they stop trying to sell us jeans that will make our butts look gigantic.

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