Monday, August 6, 2007

Happy (very belated) Birthday, Dani!

This birthday post is so very late, and I'm sorry!

What I love about Dani:

She is always up for fun.

She makes fabulous babies (the new baby isn't here yet, but I know s/he'll be fabulous).

She laughs at all my jokes.

She's very intelligent.

She's a hard worker.

She gives great compliments (even if sometimes she does it because she wants something, haha!).

She doesn't use words she doesn't understand.

She's unpredictable (except when she says, "Let's watch a movie", which translates into "come sit by me while I fall asleep").

She's a people magnet.

She doesn't gossip.

She's my "twin" and understands me.

1 comment:

*Dani* said...

I'm awesome. I can't believe no one's posted that yet. Besides you. : )