Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This will be the best Summer yet!

Here are some things I want to do this Summer. I'll update this list as more information becomes available and when I think of something else fun to do. I'm still going to actively work on being frugal, especially since we'll probably have a brand new mortgage to pay and cheap activities will be the best kind!

* means MUST DO!

  • Outdoors:

*Picnic at Jetty Island - free

*Kayak with Mom - free

*Watch the sunset - free

Go to every nearby beach - free

Throw a potluck Beach BBQ - $50

Take an easy hike - Usually $5 to park

  • Outdoor shopping:

Farmer's Markets - free

*Fremont Sunday Market - free

Phinney Ridge Community Yard Sale - free

  • Free/ inexpensive shows:

*Folk Life Festival - free admission, $5-10 to park plus food

Fremont Outdoor Movies
- $5/pp

*Puget Park Drive-In - $8/pp

*Music in the Park - free

  • Not frugal but worth it:
*Go for a weekend trip on the train.

**Camp in Vantage (maybe even rent a cabin) - $?

ZooTunes - zoo admission $15

Wild Waves - $30/pp plus parking and food

*Jack Johnson concert (assuming he comes to town) - $40ish/pp

Bumbershoot - $18/ pp (if we buy presale) plus parking, food, etc.

  • Misc:

Ice Skating
(I know, sounds weird, but ice skating on a hot day is so wonderful) - $10 inc. skate rental

  • Sources to search for fun things to do:

Search "Summer Guide 2007" at

If you know of anything else exciting to do let me know!


*Dani* said...

I think we should set some solid dates so we can hold ourselves to things. You should set a kayaking date with your mama and I'll make arrangements for aunt Cindy to babysit- she promised she would...wahahahah!

*Dani* said...

The Phinney Ridge garage sale is April 21st- I just checked the webpage. I am marking that on my calendar...we had so much fun the one time we did that!!!! Write it down...You will be back home waaaaaaaay before that : )