Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekly spending:

Monday: $0
Tuesday: Wendy's - $3.01, Knitting needles - $22.89
Wednesday: Juice, frappaccino, and water bottle - $3.80
Thursday: $0
Friday: Burger King - $5.21
Saturday: $0
Sunday: Coffee and 2 pastries - $7.50

Total = $42.41


*Dani* said...

You completely beat me this week : )

I didn't try my hardest! It's ok...I was going to say this week will be better, but I'm a dirty liar >:) I went to Ross and I have a hankerin to go to Half Priced Books...

Miss you!

*Dani* said...

I just now realized half of your spending was knitting needles! You nut! Hahahahaha!

Carly Fay said...

Yeah yeah, I'm an addict. One of these days I'll have all the needle sizes and I can buy more yarn instead!!! ;-)

*Dani* said...

How many pairs of needles do you have? >:)