Thursday, January 11, 2007

My visit home

Matt and I drove up to Washington to visit everyone last weekend. We got back to California night before last and I'm already ready to go back home! It was a wonderful time. It's fun visiting your home when you've been away because everyone wants to do something great, not just hang around.
  • We got in to my mom's on Wednesday night
  • Had lunch on Thursday with my grandma, then that night Dani, Jake, and Eli came over to Mom's for amazing veggie lasagna and a round of Settlers of Cataan,
  • I went to the aquarium with Dani and Eli on Friday (while Matt worked) - Oh so much fun! Eli was just amazed. It's wonderful to experience things with a child because everything is so new and so magical!
  • I went to the Olympus Spa with Mom on Saturday (Heavenly relaxing place, and free on your birthday! You have to be nude though! Wasn't as weird as you might think, actually.) while Matt snowboarded, then we played Settlers of Cataan with Dani and Little Sarah that night until 3 in the morning (stupid too-tired giggles and all! We're not the partiers we once were...Which is fine with me.)
  • Hung out with Dad, Nick, and Sherry on Sunday
  • Matt worked and I went to the zoo with Sarah Martin on Monday (There was hardly anyone there and all the animals were so social and relaxed. It was the coolest day at the zoo.)
  • Then we packed it up and drove South on Tuesday. It was crazy foggy in the Siskyous mountain pass which was so spooky but we made it! We arrived in California to find that Kristi had emptied her things out of the closet, dressers, and bookshelf so we could put our things away! It was pretty snug in the guest room before so it was a huge relief to put my shoes in the closet etc., and I'm so very grateful for that.
All this gypsying we've been doing has REALLY driven it home for me that my heart is in Washington and I can't live anywhere else. I've liked all the places we've been (except maybe Kansas City, haha), and I'm sure they're great places to live, but darnit, in April I am COMING HOME to Washington and to all the people I love so much. I don't care if this remodel project is done, I don't care if I have to carry Matt kicking and screaming to the car, I don't care if a tsunami hits, I don't care if Washington catches on fire, in April I am packing up my little family of animals (Matt included, haha) and going back to where I truly live.


*Dani* said...

Ok, I am counting on you coming home in April. I need you now. : )

Carly Fay said...

I need to come home now too. Today was a mess. I'm ready to GO!