Sunday, January 14, 2007

Weekly spending:

Monday: Zoo - $19
Tuesday: Subway - $13, Taco Time - $11, Water bottle - $.97 (We were on the road, we had to eat!)
Wednesday: Took in-laws to lunch at Applebee's - $57
Thursday: $0 (yes!)
Friday: Burger King - $5.25, Target (wheat kitty litter, birthday cards, toiletries) - $34.20, Home Depot (a great energy saver magazine, potting soil, and a new pot for Albert - Albert is my baby pine tree) - $22.29, Pet Food Express (you guessed it - pet food, 4 bags. Also, a new denim diaper for Tink, since she's about to go into heat and hers vanished, and it was looking pretty sad anyway.) -$56.87
Saturday: Raley's (soap, medicine, Oxypads to send to Nick - puberty is hitting him!) - $21.55, (Literally every birthday card I will need to send in the next year and a half) - $57.95 (this is a huge relief b/c I don't enjoy shopping for cards but I think it's important that people are remembered on their birthday AND it's one of my resolutions to send cards out on time)
Sunday: $0

Total = $299.08! Ow!

Man, I must have a hole in my pocket where all the money flies out! That's okay, I'll patch it and next week I'll be so frugal it'll be amazing. I'm so glad we skipped the week we were back in WA because we were out of control! What is with us right now? Two weeks left to rein in the debit card and try to recover this month.

I think I'm spending loosely (I have that itch to spend much more than what I slipped and spent this week) because I'm unhappy right now. I need to refocus and really think about what's good in my life. I have my wonderful husband, my sweet dog and cat, my dear best friend, my amazing mom, my loveable brother, I have my health and food and shelter, and I have my future, which is going to be so so so much better than this. One of my favorite design teachers always said, "if you're uncomfortable, embrace it because it means you're growing". This is clearly a time of growth and reevaluation. I know we're meant to be here at this time for whatever reason, strange as it all seems. We'll learn this lesson and then we'll be able to begin again, like always, and things will be clear and exciting once again. This is going to be a very powerful year with a lot of change and I know it will end very well. I just need to make myself appreciate the journey for what it is, then the arrival will be so much better. "This too shall pass" and it will all fade into a memory, the good and the bad will blur around the edges and I will be off to bigger and better adventures, to be free of judging eyes and harsh voices. I will not look back.

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