Monday, February 12, 2007

Weekly spending:

Weekly spending:

Monday: $0 (woohoo!)

Tuesday: Home Depot (4 dowel rods to make into knitting needles, outlet insulators) - $6.36

Wednesday: Matt's cigarettes (aagghhh!!!) - $4.50, Joann Fabrics (Sharpies and stuff for Dani's prize for last month's spending challenge and Lindsey's b-day gift) - $12.19 - This is amazingly low, really! I didn't buy ANYTHING that wasn't on my list and I had lots and lots and lots of temptation. Not to mention that Kristi and I went to several stores and I didn't buy anything but the stuff I set out for. Go me!

Thursday: Raley's (Matt bought 3 boxes of cereal, at supermarket prices. We could have bought 4 boxes at Target for this price. Oh well. Now he knows.) - $12.84

Friday: Michael's (beading needles) - $3.53, Target (toothpaste and All Free & Clear Small & Mighty - love that stuff) - $4.42 b/c my toothpaste was free! I emailed Crest and told them I hated their new toothpaste and they sent me a coupon for free toothpaste!

Saturday: Benicia Knitting Circle (needles, darnit, again) - $25.61

Sunday: Parkside Cafe (3 ice creams, 1 med. fry, 1 veggie burger - shared w/ in-laws - MIL is on the veggie burger bandwagon now!) - $12.00

Total = $81.45

Well.... only about $18 was entirely unnecessary. I bought a LOT of knitting stuff ($45! More than half the total...) but they were all for projects that I had committed to - Mom had asked for a hat that needed to be done and shipped to WA by the 16th, Dani's prize for last month's spending challenge is still in the works, and I wanted to get started on Lindsey's birthday present. Hmmmm... Well, I'll do better next time. Sooner or later I'll have all the needle sizes. ;-)

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*Dani* said...

Holy knitting needles batman! BTW, I got my mail yesterday, and I loooove my outlet insulators! It totally made my day! You day maker you. I didn't even know they had such a thing. I wonder how much it saves each year. I'm so weird about calculating stuff. I need to find more weird things to save me money. Love it.