Sunday, February 18, 2007

Weekly spending:

Monday: Pet food and catnip - $35.39 (yes, Tink and Lucky are very chubby and VERY spoiled), Key - $3.21, Ipod dock for the van ~ $10 (a little unnecessary but MUCH cheaper than putting in a CD player), Shipped Mom's hat (finally done!) and Nick's Oxypads - $2.94

Tuesday: Cigars - $4.00

Wednesday: Cigars - $4.00

Thursday: $0

Friday: Cigarettes (American Spirit refuses to animal test, supports animal protection groups, and uses no chemicals in their tobacco. Granted, it still kills people... but better than most cig companies!) - $4.50, Cliff's Pleasant View (3 grilled cheese sandwiches, a cup of clam chowder, and a pitcher of beer) - $21.00 inc. tip

Saturday: Burger King (4 veggie burgers - one for MIL) - $10.27

Sunday: Ready? Ross (Matt's flip-flops and shorts) - $20.31, GNC (HydroxyCut for Matt - YIKES - Nothing scares me like diet pills) - $9.71 after leftover gift card, Marshalls (my sunglasses - retail was $30!) - $16.10, Target (my flip-flops - 2 pair) - $13.94, Taco Bell - $2.13, Burger King - $3.64

Total = $161.14

Ick, I had high hopes for this week and it didn't turn out so well. Cigarettes at an all time high ($12.50), fast food ($37.04 ), and our Sunday shopping spree ($60.06) did us in. You know, I don't really feel bad about our Sunday shopping though. We didn't go crazy really, and we actually needed some Spring stuff. This project was originally slated to be finished in January, so we didn't pack many Spring clothes, and all my sunglasses are broken (3 pairs in one year!). So I can rationalize it. ;-)

BUT I didn't buy ANY knitting stuff! Go me! Except for shipping Mom's hat, which was only 87 cents.

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