Monday, April 9, 2007

Weekly spending:

Monday: $0
Tuesday: $0
Wednesday: Gloriously healthy dinner (tiramisu, beer, and tea) - $17.30
Thursday: Six Flags - $82.98, Parking -$15, Lunch - $20, Cold Stone - $4.19
Friday: $0
Saturday: $0
Sunday: $0

Total -$139.47

We only bought fun stuff this week, and I'm so glad! We had a great time at Six Flags. I'll probably post some pix of it in a couple days. Not exactly frugal, but it was worth it. :-)


Ann said...

Sounds like a fun week, and well worth the spending that you did do. :)

Carly Fay said...

It was worth it! I live for rollercoasters. ;-)