Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weekly spending:

Monday: $0
Tuesday: Kohl's (amazingly comfy flip flops - did I need them? Uhhhhh sorta...) -$16.10, Hancock Fabrics (final touch on Sarah and Sherry's b-day presents)- $2.04, Salad Mix - $3.49
Wednesday: Saw "The Last Mimzy" - $13.00, Snacks - $11.25
Thursday: Round Table pizza for four - $36.85
Friday: $0
Saturday: $0
Sunday: (Xavier Rudd's "Solace" CD) - $9.35

Total -$92.08

Oops! We were a little undisciplined this week. Oh well, next week we'll do better. :-)


Ann said...

R U back to the good 'ole WA yet? :) ♥

Carly Fay said...

Yes, I'M HOME! :-D So happy to be back. Sorry I haven't been posting. We just got the internet up today and it's been a wild week! We got our business license, quotes for business bonds and insurance (speaking of which, I need to get that finished like NOW), and got preapproved for a house, all while babysitting Eli! Not to mention trying desperately to see as many people as possible, temporarily moving into Mom's house, finishing Eli's birthday present, and choosing materials for my mom's bathroom remodel. Whew. Time for a nap. ;-) I have a lot to post about so maybe in the next few days I'll catch my breath and talk about it. :-) (Hey how do you do that cute heart thingy?)

Ann said...

WOW girl, you seem pretty busy! You and Matt are really getting things done quickly for your business, thats awesome! :) You're such a good friend to Dani, I wish I had a dear friend to watch Faith for me sometimes...on occasion it would be helpful. ;) She's lucky to have you around. :) Please tell her and Eli HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me and Faith (on Monday). That is soooo funny that they both share the same birthday and they are going to be one...oh my!! We are going to the zoo on Monday afternoon to celebrate, Faith LOVES animals to death, especially elephants, so it should be fun. First trip to the zoo!! :) Good hearing from you, can't wait to read more of your blogs soon.
♥♥--oh the heart thing--I found it in my "character map" on my laptop. I just copied it and then paste it whenever I want to leave a little heart. Cute huh? ♥♥