Tuesday, May 1, 2007

(Shameless) Birthday Wish List

A couple people asked what I wanted for my upcoming birthday, so here it is for those select few. :-)

  • I want Home Depot gift cards more than anything else!
  • Tea infusers (the more the merrier) & loose tea
  • A subscription to Greensource Magazine ($20)
  • Yarn store gift certificate
  • Gift certificate to DiscoverU
  • Anything off my Amazon.com wish list, especially CDs (use the tool bar to sort by priority - also, click on the item so you can see the used prices - I don't mind used!)
  • My Amazon.com Wish List

Please, no knick-knacks! ;-)


ann said...

I love how you said no knick-nacks. My family is FAMOUS for giving junk-like presents for xmas and other occasions. I always have a whole bunch of stuff that I am re-gifting (isn't that horrible!) but I have loads of stuff if I didn't give it away. But on the other hand, I'm contributing to the sharing of crap in the world! ahhh! :0) I wonder how I could let my family know I don't want knick-nacky type stuff for gifts? How do you let people know that in a polite way? Suggestions? My birthday is coming up...

Carly Fay said...

Isn't it sad when you kind of dread gifts from certain people who you know are going to give you clutter? Feels so mean and guilty! :-(

You could mention that you're decluttering and trying to stay organized and that rather than "things" you'd love tickets to a show or a gift card to your favorite store or money to put in savings for a vacation or something in particular that you really want. Maybe also mention to the big givers that rather than lots of little gifts you'd prefer one big one. Personally, it feels more polite to tell them your preferences ahead of time rather than give their gift away and hope they never ask where it went, haha! It's not foolproof, but most of the time people respect your wishes. I'm VERY picky about the things that take up space in my home so I tell Matt everything I want and hope that people ask him! ;-)So you could also make Justin your "little birdie" who spreads the info on your wish list. Worth a try!

By the way, tell Faith happy birthday! :-)