Friday, December 22, 2006

My Goals

I've been kinda undecided on what I really want for about a year now, and it's tough to get to where you want if you don't know what it is. This morning my old drive came back! I was reading Environmental Design and Construction magazine while groaning about my cramps (at least it won't be on Christmas, as the calender said it would be!) and it just woke up my business mind all over again. And so...

In one year:
  • We will be homeowners.
  • We will have a fully licensed and bonded successful contracting company.
  • We will have a fantastic employee.
  • We will have a bun in the oven.
  • We will begin networking aggressively.

In two years:
  • We will be Green Star certified contractors.
  • We will have the extra money to hire someone to clean our house once a week.

In three years:
  • We will have enough business and reliable employees for Matt to focus on the business aspect of our company and do very little hard labor.

In five years:
  • We will build a LEED certified (environmentally responsible) condo building and sell it for a fortune!
  • We will buy vacation property and build the perfect little cabin with our own four hands.

In ten years:
  • We will open a small nonprofit apartment for low income single moms, which will also provide free seminars on finances, career planning, parenting, etc. for the residents and an in-house co-op and/or nonprofit daycare.

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