Monday, December 11, 2006

This week's spending challenge results:

Weekly spending:
Monday: $0
Tuesday: 3 games of pool at local dive bar = $2.25
Thursday:Snacks for Matt, Dan, and I = $4.71
Friday: $0
Saturday: $0
Sunday: Materials for a few gifts plus shipping (these gifts will be late by the way,oops) = $49.96

Total = $56.96

I still need to buy materials and make a bunch more presents. We had no money until last night soooo gifts will be late, and some people I really wanted to buy for won't be getting anything from us. I feel awful. I never ever do that. I always have every gift bought and wrapped by November. This year's just been a little weird. ;-)

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*Dani* said...

Good job! I've spent so very much on Christmas : (