Saturday, December 2, 2006

Tree lighting

Last night Matt and I went to downtown Benicia's tree lighting. They had a band dressed as elves playing Christmas music, and all the shops were open late and handing out cookies, hot cocoa, and snacks. I swear half the town was there! We had a great time roaming around and checking it out. We watched a glass blower make a vase, lounged in a crazy gorgeous craftsman furniture shop, checked out a kitchen and bath store, and a new mediterranean restaurant was passing out baba ganoush and hummus - yum. Oh, and I found a dangerously tempting shop called "Solar Clothing". Boutique atmosphere, Ross prices. I almost died. But I didn't buy anything! I can wait until after Christmas. Oooh I wonder if they do after Christmas sales... two days on shopping restriction and I'm already fiending. Not too bad though! Matt and I haven't spent a penny in two days!

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