Monday, December 4, 2006

This week's spending challenge results:

We started on Wednesday 11/29 -
11/29 - $0
11/30 - $0
12/1 - $0
12/2 - Burger King (yay veggie burger!) - me $2.71, Matt $5.00
12/3 - McDonald's - me $0, Matt $2.51

Total for the week= $10.22!
I'm pretty ashamed about the fast food (we know better than to eat that junk), but not bad overall. This week we have to buy the last Christmas presents and ship them out, so it might be ugly results next Monday. I'll do my best and we'll see!

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*Dani* said...

You win!!! I lost by a landslide. Next week very well could get ugly, I need to get groceries (feeding 5 now- Sis and Abe are living with us. Eli doesn't eat much yet though...)

I can do some creative grocery shopping though. We do need a Christmas tree soon too... maybe we can go on a guerrila Christmas tree mission > : )