Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I Picked up a Hitchhiker Today...

I picked up a free cabinet on the side of the road today, and I'm pretty stoked about its potential. Matt is, uh, skeptical. He used four letter words to describe it, haha! I'll keep you guys posted, though, because I am going to make this an awesome little desk cabinet!

There's a cutting board slot, so I'll make a replacement for extra work space when needed. I like the drawer pulls, they look friendly. Someone had apparently taped the drawers shut (WTF?), which of course wrecked the finish. It needs to be stripped down and stained or painted anyway (I'll decide which when I see the condition of the wood under the stain). The variety of drawer sizes is exciting, so it should be a handy dandy little office organizer!

It's sans countertop, so I'll call some granite fabricators and it should be easy to find an inexpensive little scrap to top it off.

I can't wait to get started on it and see what can be done with it!


Ann said...

Only you Carly would see this on the side of the road and ponder the possibilities...only YOU! ;0) I love it, the title kinda freaked me out at first though, about the hitchhiker and all...but glad to know it was just a piece of furniture! Good luck my dear! :)

Carly Fay said...

Haha, my mom said the same thing! She read the title and called me from work - "You didn't actually pick up a hitchhiker, did you?!?" Well, yes, a little wooden one. ;-) I now have five pieces of furniture to strip and stain once we get moved in and I can use the garage as my workshop. It'll be fun to see what works out! :-)