Monday, May 21, 2007

Logo Choices

So, we hired a logo designer to come up with a few logo ideas for us. We wanted a phoenix to represent us because we bring new life to stale homes and it made sense with our name, Hayden Transformations. They sent us seven first draft designs but we've narrowed it down to these two:

Matt prefers this one:
I like the grey circles behind the phoenix and it's very eye catching, but I'd rather it be less angular and I want a better font, one in all caps that looks more like drafting lettering. Matt loves it the way it is.

And I favor this one:
This one doesn't feel entirely finished to me, but I can't put my finger on what to change...

Both of these designs will be revised before they're finalized (like adding in the f in transformations, haha), but which concept do you guys like best, and what revisions would you make?


ann said...

I like both of them, they are both good choices. For some reason I also like the bottom one, I like how the wings are like a circle. But the first one looks bolder and more "man-ly". I guess if you want your logo really to be noticed (ie. on the side of a work van or truck) I would go with the first, because the colors and the bold font really catch the eye.
Good Luck, you two are really fast movers! Geezz..

Ann said...

Also...can I ask what design company you hired? Justin is talking more and more about opening his own electrical company..."Axon Electric" and it would be neat to have a good logo reference.

Carly Fay said...

Thanks! The first one does seem to be taking the lead with most people I'm talking to, so it might be that one...

We are moving kinda fast right now, haha! It's been wild. We maybe maybe maybe might be able to move into our house this weekend, so maybe after that things will mellow out... but probably not, knowing us! ;-)

We used and they were BY FAR the best value for the money, often cheaper than the ones that just use clipart! They say they give a minimum of three designs, but they gave us seven, and you can do unlimited revisions on the designs. We went with the $200 package, and with that one they include formatting for letterhead, business cards, and envelopes. We're pretty happy so far! :-)

Well, when you guys start up your company you can totally pick my brain, because there is a lot to know and I'm trying to learn it all! And we all know I love to share information. ;-)

Carly Fay said...

An electrical company logo could be so cool, too! All zappy! That will be really cool if you guys start your own company. :-D