Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Now it's my Mom's Bathroom's Turn!

We started on my mom's master bathroom this morning. It'll be a fast lane project because they want us to finish the entire project while they're out of town, a total of eight days. This will be a squeeze but totally doable. We started demolition this morning (my favorite part!), and it's looking good!



I love the potential in a stripped-down room - so many possibilities!

Mom chose a neutral color palette because they're talking about selling in a few years. This is the chosen wall/ shower tile and border (the colors are a lot warmer in person). I'll post updates soon!


Ann said...

How is the bathroom coming? You need to post some new pics! Also, how is the new house coming along? Are you two all moved in yet? If I missed your bday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY as well!! :0)

Carly Fay said...

The bathroom is basically done! I'll take some pix and post them tomorrow. I know, I've been so bad about posting! It's been wildly busy. We're still waiting to hear about the closing date, so we don't know when we move in yet - I'm going a little crazy waiting, haha! My birthday is coming up soon - the 31st. Yours is... the 22nd? Am I way off? Happy upcoming birthday, anyway! I promise promise I will start posting useful info again! The last few weeks have been exhausting but exciting.

ann said...

No worries by dear. I completely understand the anticipation of a new home and moving...ah, what fun! :) My bday is the 14th of June, so I still have a ways. Keep me posted! ♥

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