Tuesday, May 1, 2007

What I Love About Eli

It's also time for Eli's birthday list! Here we go:

Eli is:

Social and friendly to everyone!
Inquisitive and very intelligent.

He's a sharp-dressed little man (and, as ZZ Top tells us, every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man). ;-)

Really excited by yarn, which makes a knitting auntie's heart proud! (I actually had to cut him some of my yarn because he was so interested in it while I was trying to knit. He then ran around with a scrap of orange yarn, screaming with delight. What an adorable nut, haha!)

He loves Tink as much as she loves him. ;-)
Especially cute when he's sleeping, as all babies are! ;-)

Happy birthday, Eli!


Ann said...

It looks like the birthday fun was indeed FUN! Wahoo! :) You'll have to check out my myspace to see our birthday party/zoo pics from Faith's day of fun. Hope all is well. Much ♥
~ The veggies look amazing as well. Good job Aunt Carly! :-)

Carly Fay said...

We did have a great time at Eli's party! :-) I'll definitely check out Faith's b-day pix next time I get on myspace (I told you I only log in from the library now, right? That Geek Squad guy freaked me out about myspace!). All is very well and very busy, haha! Hope all is well with you, too.

Thanks, I'm really happy about how they turned out. I'm working on the last piece of the second dreaded turtle (seriously, they've been driving me crazy!) and it's actually going well and fast! Yay! I'm figuring out tiny double point needles! :-D

Ann said...

Do you have a good anti-virus protection on your computer? Justin is so gifted with computers, (he built all of ours) and he said that if you have good protection myspace shouldn't be a problem. I have never had any viruses or hacking done to my computer through myspace and I've had an account for a couple years. I can give you some good suggestions for computer protection if you want...take care hun.
♥ :)