Monday, May 7, 2007

OUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!

We bought a house this weekend! The photos don't do it justice - it's very cute, lets in tons of natural sunlight and has a fantastic 180 degree mountain view and is on a third of an acre! Not to mention tons of storage, a great neighborhood, and lots of room to expand and improve (but it's not a "fixer-upper"). It's the perfect house for us at this stage and we're so happy!

Now we're just trying to make them let us move in before my birthday. :-)

A couple of different photos:


Ann said...

Gosh girl, you two move fast!! :) The house is just lovely, very cozy and cute. I'm sure you and Matt will do amazing things with it...if you need any electrical done, give us a hollar! We'd love to come and visit...and help too! Good luck with the move. :0)

Carly Fay said...

Haha, well it was the right house for us and everything else in that price range was in an icky neighborhood, so it was an easy sell! We're having a housewarming party in June and we'd love for you guys to come! I'll send you an evite when we set the date. :-) You know what is fantastic about this move? We already have the majority of our stuff in storage since we've been gypsying and so we don't really have to pack - just unpack! :-D That will make it soooo much easier.

ann said...

Awesome! What happened to Mt. Vernon? I thought you guys were moving soooo far away? Glad you're not though. :0)
PS...We'd LOVE to come to your party too!!

Carly Fay said...

Well, it became painfully obvious that we have to stay in proximity to Seattle for now because that's where suppliers, industry meetings/ shows/ seminars, and a lot of clients are. We just couldn't go that far north at this stage in our careers. It would kill me if Matt had to drive for hours just to go pick up supplies. :-( Oh well. We've lived in Lake Stevens off and on for six years and we really like it here, so we stuck around. ;-)

P.S. - Good! I look forward to seeing you guys - it's been so long!