Thursday, March 15, 2007


So, how are you guys doing with the no-complaining challenge? So far on my best day I made it to 3:00pm without complaining... Hmmmm..... It's a work in progress, haha!


*Dani* said...


I've been complaining most about my dog :(

Help me Carly. I'm not a dog person. I feel horrible. An animal rights activist that isn't in love with her dog. I need to spend more quality time with her I think.

I have sensory overload from holding Eli all the time, so when the dog licks me it's just too much and I get irritated. How stupid!

Carly Fay said...

Dogs are a lot like children. They just want love and attention, as much as they can possibly get. Entirely different than cats that way! It takes some getting used to. Tink was constantly in my face when she was a pup but now I'm old news and she just naps all day, haha.

I can't stand being licked by a dog, though. Stinky spit! You know how I feel about spit, haha. Tink has never been allowed to lick me (I just say "no lick" and it works for me) but sometimes she licks people who won't scold her! Try telling Willow not to lick and eventually it'll work. She's a four-legged toddler and she needs lots of love. You guys are her whole world! It's a lot of responsibility but just give her attention and over time she won't be so desperate for it. Plus, soon Eli will be big enough to play with her and they'll keep each other entertained. It'll work out! :-)

Ann said...

Um, I not offically starting til I get my bracelet! I have been really crabby lately...ick! I am going to try my hardest though....I promise. I really want to become a nicer person in the sense that I don't talk behind people's backs and I don't have nasty thoughts. I think both will be super duper hard. It is tough to break old habits, but I'll willing to give it my all.
We're going to see 300 tomorrow night, I'll let you know...

*Dani* said...

Willow was much better this weekend and we've been doing good! She wants to lick the water off of my when I get out of the shower! For God's sakes, I just cleaned up! She's learning to stay and she isn't licking the crap out of the baby anymore, so we are getting along much better.

I've also realized that I think our house is going to be one of those houses with a million people over at any given time. Jake's brothers all live really close, Sarah likes to visit a lot, Xamara also came over last week, and soon you'll be here!!! I love it. And there'll be more babies soon too. Oh! And there's Ruth who has come over also and will have the baby soon. Hee hee. Jake's mama has visited a bunch- Tommy, Travis, and Brendon live nearby...there's just a lot of potential people at our house at any given time. :) Yay.

Carly Fay said...

Tink used to try to lick me after a shower too, and when I put lotion on. Lucky still licks sporadically, but I think it's kind of a tic for him - he licks everything! He does it quickly and discretely so you wouldn't usually notice but if you watch him he licks almost everything he comes in contact with - he has got to be the weirdest cat I've ever had, but also the best cat. :-)

Oh that's awesome about having a house that's a people magnet! I can't wait to get back and be one of the many. ;-)