Monday, March 5, 2007

Weekly spending:

Dani isn't competing this month because she just moved to her first house (Woo-Hoo! Go Dani!) and there are LOTS of expensive things she has to buy, so it isn't a fair competition this month. However, I want to keep logging my spending so I don't get off track (and hopefully she will attempt to out-frugal me again next month - right Dani?) so I'm going to challenge myself (and Matt) to spend less than $250 for the entire month of March. Our weekly average throughout this entire challenge so far has been $115.05, so we'll have to cut our spending in half to meet the goal. It will be tough but we can do it! So, starting this next week I will be ultrafrugal and log how much we've used of the $250 each week.

Monday: $0

Tuesday: Superhero postage stamps - $7.80, Target (2 shampoos, 2 cereals, gum for Matt, nail polish, and lingerie laundry bag) - $11.33 (Not bad considering I used to spend $12 on just shampoo!) I really wanted nail polish too. I only packed a sexy, brooding, and mysterious burgundy, which is great for winter, but now that it's spring I don't want my toes to be brooding and mysterious anymore. ;-)

Wednesday: Chocolate milk - $1.00, Michael's (supplies for Lindsey's b-day gift, Dani's prize for last month, Evey's Easter gift, and Dani's bridal shower) - $14.52

Thursday: Matt's cigarettes ~ $5.00, Goodwill (work tee for Matt) - $1.99

Friday: $0

Saturday: Scharffen Berger chocolate - $10.24 - oops! REALLY good though!

Sunday: $0

Total = $51.88


Ann said...

man, you and Matt are good. I don't even want to think about our 'daily' spendings, if ya know what I mean!! I sent Justin to Wal-mart today for some baby tylenol, and he comes back with all this junk food and a electric keyboard for our daughter, Faith who is only 10 mo.! Talk about a spender!! Geez...

Carly Fay said...

I swear those stores are set up that way! I used to never be able to walk out of Target without spending AT LEAST $30, even if I only went in for toothpaste. When we don't watch it Matt and I are horrible spenders! If I had been logging my spending before I decided to cut back I would've been much too embarrassed to post it for all to see, haha! We've been trying REALLY hard to control our spending and it's paying off - we've paid off a huge amount of credit card debt in the last few months!