Monday, March 26, 2007

Weekly spending:

Monday: $0
Tuesday: Detergent - $5.14, Eggs and yogurt - $5.28
Wednesday: Michael's (yarn for Eli's b-day present and for 2 tank tops for me - oopsy) - $21.98 after some returns, Membership to Melaleuca - $14.50
Thursday: Matt's cigarettes - $5
Friday: Rockler (drill bit and spectacular "bookazine' about small homes with big functionality and style) - $10.53
Saturday: $0
Sunday: $0

Total = $62.43 ($156.68 left for the month's challenge)

Okay, not horrible but I didn't REALLY need a tank top, let alone two. I couldn't decide which color I liked better - I loved them both! You know, the yarn was only $6 per tank plus needles - pretty cheap for what will (hopefully) be a nice shirt. So, whatev, not that bad!


Ann said...

You're making your own, I'm in awe. Now thats talent. :)

Carly Fay said...

Wellll I haven't tried it yet, haha. So far I've only made scarves, blankets, hats, napkin rings, bracelets, toys, and a doggie sweater. Haven't tried people clothes yet. The nice thing about knitting is that if it turns out crappy you can unravel it and use the yarn again! ;-)

Ann said...

So, I'm on my thrid coat of red paint in my bathroom. I started off the first coat using a edger. That was a mistake. The edger make the paint go on too think and when I rolled over the walls you can still see the lines from the edger. I'm hoping this third coat will help. Any sugesstions?
Knitting...I want to learn when I finish school. I can't do too many things at once! ;)

Ann said...

I'm reading over my last comment and I didn't exactly spell check it....oops! Sorry! :)

Carly Fay said...

Haha, no prob, Bob. A couple typos are no big deal.

The third coat will definitely help. Did you use a tinted primer? No worries if you didn't but next time it'd help. You may even have to do a fourth or fifth coat. I had a design teacher who would specify one coat of red primer and EIGHT coats of red paint. He said it was the only way to get a perfect coat of red... maybe he was obsessive though? I'd say just keep coating it on until it looks even. Sorry, that is probably not at all what you wanted to hear, but you can do it and it'll look great!

I was skeptical about knitting at first but it's amazing how relaxing it is - almost meditative. It's also really fun when someone admires your scarf and you can say, "I made it!" No matter how simple it is, people always act like knitting is a magic trick or something - great ego boost. ;-) Aaaand it gives your hands something to do while you watch TV or during long drives (as a passenger, of course, haha).

I totally feel you about not wanting to learn while in school, though. While working and in school the only hobby I had time for was breathing. I'll teach you the fine art of knitting anytime you're ready. ;-)

Ann said...

I'm not sure if you'll know the answer to this question, but here it goes....
To get the small spaces in the bathroom and the edges of the walls I have been using a small brush. I do this after I have done a coat with the roller. Should I reverse it and do the small brush painting first and then the roller, what do you think would be better to prevent lines?
THANK YOU for offering to teach me how to knit. I really really am excited to learn. My mom was not really domestic so I myself, am not very crafty. ;)
Where are you and Matt planning on relocating once you move back home?

Carly Fay said...

Definitely brush the small spaces first. :-)

If you do a slight V pattern with your roller strokes it'll reduce the roller lines.

My mom isn't crafty, either. I love to make stuff, though. She's also not extra-girly, so I never really learned how to do makeup and hair, haha. Oh well. ;-)

We're going to be in Lake Stevens for a couple months and then we're going to buy in Mount Vernon (the housing market is BOOMING there, and it's so darn pretty and sunny!). Dani just moved there and she looooves it.

Ann said...

Hey girl! So...I was checking out some of the real estate in Mt. Vernon, to see what you can get for a great price. AND...I found the cutest house ever! I'm going to email you the link so you can check it out. I want to move in tomorrow! :)