Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Inspiration from Tristan Prettyman

This year is set to be a big one - everyone I've talked to has their goals coming into focus and is reevaluating their lives and actively changing - so exciting! We all have what it takes to grab hold of our dreams, we just need to go after it! Pray for it and "believe it and receive it" as they say and it's yours! With that on my mind lately, I ran across these lyrics from dear sweet Tristan Prettyman (I love her! I wish she was my other best friend.) and they went right along with how things are flowing right now:

Taken from Always Feel This Way

So if you’re wishin on stars
You better go out and get it
Cause you if you want it bad enough
You won’t stop until you have it

Don’t let them tell you
what you can and cannot do
You’ve got to see it through
Like you always knew

It’d feel this way…


*Dani* said...

I love Tristan! She would want to be our other best friend if she knew us. I'm sure of it. She's a manifesting machine too ;)

Carly Fay said...

She has a link to The Secret on her MySpace page! I'm going to watch that sometime very soon... I read her blog yesterday - she's so darn cute - and she said they're starting on a new CD this month! I can't wait. She broke up with stupid Jason Mraz again and so I wonder what songs she'll write - she said she's sick of breakup songs. Should be good... I think she could make it big this time around.

*Dani* said...

She was with him again? I thought her and G Love had a little somethin somethin goin on ;)

We could be her friend y'know. I already know she'd like us. I'm totally serious. :)

Carly Fay said...

I know! Reading her blog it's obvious that she's extremely silly and excitable but down to earth - like us. ;-) And she's a Gemini. Geminis love other Geminis because we can keep up with each other.

Next time she comes to town we must must must go at all costs. Apparently she gives out autographs and chats with everyone after every single show!