Friday, March 23, 2007

Kitchen Counters are in!

Here's where we're at right now in the remodel at Matt's parents' house. It's really cruising along now but there is still a significant amount left to do. Need prayers for a speedy completion! I want to head for home on April 13th (Friday the 13th! Spooooky.). I've already started packing. :-)

Click on any pic for a larger view.

The island is so big it took SEVEN guys to carry it in.

The new undermount sink and pull-down gooseneck faucet.

Supersexy touch-control range with warming drawer, detailed settings, select-a-size burners, and a plug-in thermometer that shows the internal temp of your food on the digital display. (The lovely glass has since broken, but don't fret, it's getting fixed - I've said it before and I'll say it again: Murphy's Law applies to remodels 10x more than anything else.)

Pony wall entering the formal living room (as you can see, the drywall isn't finished...).

Granite shelf above double-sided gas fireplace - notice extravagant and rare plastic and painter's tape covering fireplace. ;-) There will be Tiberias Gold travertine tiles on hearth in the next couple of weeks.

Display shelf and curio cabinet (will have glass shelves soon). This new wall angle is in the center of the new angle created by the open dining room, kitchen, and family room.

The counters were fabricated by Straightline Imports in Martinez, CA - if anyone reading this is in that area, I HIGHLY recommend this company. They were the second cheapest of the five quotes we got, and the absolute best quality. The owner, Rick, was great to work with, as were the installers. This is the first company we've dealt with in the remodel that we've been entirely happy with.

The Tiffany-style pendant lamps.

We also have the 18" Tiberias Gold (problematic! Very brittle and each tile was a different thickness so the floor is uneven. Oy.) tile floor down (fyi - install tile before cabinetry if possible - we didn't for various reasons - much more time consuming and aggravating after the cabinet install). We still need to grout and do the last coat of sealer.

Here's Matt measuring it out so that I can cut the tiles for him...

...On this huge tile saw! It was easy to use and it sprays water when it cuts and it was a hot day so it was kind of like a noisy sprinkler that also coats your arms in wet tile "mud". Fun!

Also, the bloodwood floors are finished in the family room - still have the dining room and hallway to do install. Love the prefinished - went in so smooth and easy and without breathing nasty finish or stain.


Ann said...

Love it, it is coming along so nicely. I would love to show you the work Justin did on our old condo, the before and after pics. You would for sure appreciate them. I wonder how I could show them to you...hmmm...

Ann said...

by the way...I painted by bathroom RED tonight! Wahoo! Ofcourse, its only the first coat, but I do love it so much!! Thanks for all the help hun.. :)

*Dani* said...

That looks spectacular! Love the blood wood floors!!!!

Carly Fay said...

Ann - Fun! You should email me pix - I'd love to see your last remodel and new red bathroom. How exciting!

Dani - Thanks! I love the bloodwood too... It stood out so much from everything else in the showroom. And it smells like coconut when you cut it!