Monday, March 12, 2007

Kitchen Remodel Progress



Sorry, the lighting is a bit dark on the "Now" pix. Basically, at this point we have all the lower cabinets up, all the electrical and plumbing set up, and the counters should be arrive next Monday or so. Tomorrow we're working on the radiant heating and the tile flooring. We're also nearly finished on the wall restructuring and painting. This whole wall angle, pony wall, and and alcove is new (it used to be one long solid wall with two doors that separated the kitchen and family room from the rest of the house):

We just have the hardwood flooring installation, tile flooring, backsplash, upper cabinets, trimwork, touch up painting, a few light fixtures to install, painting in the sitting room, and this and that left to do, then it will be DONE! I'll load more pix when things look a little more finished (unfinished work is just not that pretty, y'know?). :-)


ann said...

Justin and I are both really impressed! Ever since Justin remodeled out last home he has a new found appreciation for all that it takes to remodel a room/house yourself! Don't you love living in the middle of a remodel...yikes!! ;-) I love how open and warm the kitchen looks now, with a lot of natural light. how pretty! can't wait for more pictures to come!! :)

*Dani* said...

That looks amazing! I'm so proud of you guys! Oh- you have to make up a portfolio. You are going to be a hot commodity when you get home lady!

Carly Fay said...

Thanks you guys! It actually looks a LOT better in real life than it does in the pix (I have to touch wires to turn on the light, that's why it was so dark - I'm not about to go poking around in the wiring, haha!) so it'll be fun to show you the new progress in the next couple days. Living in a remodel is a challenge for sure! I was half tempted to post the really scary pix of the big messes. ;-) We actually put in a little kitchen in the garage so we can still cook. It's all coming together now, though!