Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekly spending:

Monday: $0
Tuesday: Michael's (supplies for b-day gifts for Sarah, Lindsey, and Sherry; Easter gift for Abigail; little thing for Dani's shower) - $8.21 after returning stuff from last week
Wednesday: $0
Thursday: Matt's cigarettes -$5.00
Friday: - (shipping and tax on Catch Phrase game) $8.08 after gift card, Tip at Olive Garden - $3 after gift card
Saturday: Michael's (supplies for Stacy's b-day present and "no complaining" bracelet for myself) - $11.33
Sunday: 6 greeting cards from outlet store - $1.28! Nice!

Total = $36.90 ($213.10 left for the month's challenge)

A decent start! Mostly gifts, and we had a lot of fun this week without spending much (partly due to gift cards, but we went to a lot of parks and whatnot). I think the library was a big part in fighting the spending urge this week because it feels a little like shopping - you go, look around, pick stuff out, bring it to the clerk, and you have something new (even if just for a couple weeks).

I'm actually really proud of myself this week because I had the shopping bug BAD. Seriously bad. In my old habits I could've gone a little nutsy but I fought it and kept my credit card holstered, despite being in three - yes three - malls this week, going to many many stores with my MIL, and being in close proximity to my favorite yarn store and clothing store twice. Woo! Go me! :-)


*Dani* said...

Go you!!! I've not been spectacular lately- but we've needed to stock up on a lot of things. I should start posting again soon- I don't suspect it to get much better though...Eli's birthday is coming up and I'll probably spend half an arm and two legs on that ; ) I'm stoked though!!! I gave birth almost one year ago. I need the fluttery eyes smiley from mothering.

Carly Fay said...

Haha, I think about needing better smilies on the blog all the time! Silly. We're smiley connoisseurs. ;-) You should post your spending again just for accountability's sake. You were doing so much better than your "untracked" self! I totally understand needing house stuff and birthday supplies but it's good to keep tracking it so the other stuff doesn't go nuts either! Maybe for the next couple months instead of competing against each other we'll set goals for ourselves like I did this month. What do yo think?