Saturday, March 31, 2007

Excuses, Excuses

I just wanted to apologize for my lack of useful posts these last couple weeks - I've been helping Matt a lot, and when I'm not helping Matt I'm knitting like a maniac.

I made a few of these for upcoming birthdays:

I'm working on two of these still - from Christmas! Geeeeez I'm late! It's just a slightly frustrating pattern. Well, I can't blame the pattern - I just had to learn several new techniques and it's slow to knit because the pattern has an odd rhythm and tiny needles. AND it's blinkin' impossible to find 9mm safety eyes without paying $6 shipping for a $2 item, so I had to commission my MIL to embroider the eyes on. Pardon my rant!:

And I'm working on veggies for Eli's first birthday, as requested by Danipants. I won't show you the pattern yet to keep a little mystery. I'll post pix when the crop is completed. Turning out cute though (and fast - hooray!).

Someday soon I'll knit myself this, hopefully before summer is over. :-)

Tink has been asking for a nice spring sweater... well, shivering slightly and looking at me as if to say, "Where's my jacket?" My only response is, "Well, Noodle, you got too chunky for all your sweaters, and you wrecked the last one I made you".

I wanted to knit something for Ruth's new baby girl, but little Sierra arrived the other day and I haven't even started the project yet! Maybe by Christmas... ;-)

And then there's Auntie Barb's head scarf (for in the convertible) - she asked for that, ohhh, three months ago...

I was also planning on knitting something nice for Mother's Day, but seeing how rapidly it is approaching and considering I have three "mothers" (and some mama friends I'd love to honor), maybe they will get flowers instead, haha!

I need to learn to speed-knit!


Ann said...

I love the pattern for the bracelet and the little turtle! Too cute! You should post pics when you finish...I would love to see the final project! You're so talented. :)

Carly Fay said...

Thanks! I try really really hard, haha.

I will post turtle pix when I finally finish them. I'm really hoping to get them done before I go back to WA (just as an imaginary deadline for myself, YKWIM?. My big plan was to send them to my nieces for Xmas and also make other colored shells so the turtles could have little wardrobes (I'd get sick of the same old green shell if I was a turtle...) but, like they say, "the best laid plans of mice and men [and me] often go awry". ;-)

I meant to take pix of the bracelets, too, but I just popped them in their envelopes and sent them away without thinking. Oops!

I do promise to post turtle pix, and also the veggies which I was, frankly, dubious about but are turning out stinkin' adorable! :-D